Monday, 25 October 2010


I had nothing to do yesterday and nothing I wanted to knit. Well I say nothing to do. I did technically have work for Math Bio, Number Theory, Math Stat and a lot of organising for Focus, but well. Totally putting that all to one side.
I have lots of projects on the go, but the only one I don't need the pattern for is the silly jumper that I'm bored of, and I needed to take the knitting into the chaplaincy to knit - Focus wasn't entirely ignorable. So, time for a new project I thought!

I managed to ruin my awesome rainbow scarf the other day. I was cycling home with it tied onto my back and it got caught in the gears. And covered in oil. Hum.

So I needed a new scarf. I dug through my stash - cause lo and behold my dearest Grandmother darling I do not want a beige scarf no matter your views on beige being the only colour anyone should ever wear ever - and found some happy chunky wool. The really awesome upshot of all this is that now after a full days lectures and only a small bit of knitting I have a new Snu! (btw a snu is what I call a circular scarf or a buff. I don't really know why.)

And - as a bonus upside I now have an idea for what to knit my brother for his Christmas present! Or my uncle!


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