Thursday, 14 October 2010

So... no hat. Lets try gloves next.

So. I have no hat to help with the keeping-Kate-warm, but I do have a scarf - its awesome and rainbow striped! My current issue with cycling in is how freaking cold it is (yes it's mid October, but it's only Week 2! How bad will it get?) and how my hands are gently getting frozed.

Obvious solution. Gloves. So I am now in the process of knitting awesome rainbow striped gloves. Happyness. I searched Ravelry for the pattern again, and picked the one that looked easiest while still resembling actual gloves rather than mittens or the creature from the Black Lagoon. Little things like that make all the difference in knitting patterns I think.

One thing I will say though: Knitting gets silly when you're using 6 double pointers and a circular needle in one glove.

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