Monday, 21 January 2013

Les Miserables, completed illusion

This is cool.
Very pleased with this one.

Please note the colours, and the lyrics of the song on the vid. One of my favourites, although it does change daily at the moment. Can not wait until seeing it again on the West End.

Les Mis girl chart is available on the other end of that link. Should be freely available to all, but please do NOT resell the pattern or anything that you make using it.
I'm gonna be turning mine into a wall hanging. Cause I'm cool.


  1. Oh, I love it! But the only thing I see when I click the link is a smaller version of the photo of your FO. :(

    You really did an amazing job on this!

    1. Interesting. I promise it worked fine to begin with, but you are right the link was broken. Hopefully fixed now.

  2. It's a lovely pattern, but Scribd wants me to pay to get it :(

  3. trying to make this one for my hubby whom loves les mis....did you start with the red or the black line first? I am assuming black but having a difficult time figuring out. first time doing illusion knitting...thanks