Monday, 21 January 2013

Les Miserables, completed illusion

This is cool.
Very pleased with this one.

Please note the colours, and the lyrics of the song on the vid. One of my favourites, although it does change daily at the moment. Can not wait until seeing it again on the West End.

Les Mis girl chart is available on the other end of that link. Should be freely available to all, but please do NOT resell the pattern or anything that you make using it.
I'm gonna be turning mine into a wall hanging. Cause I'm cool.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Les Miserables. A musical. A lifestyle choice.

The colours of the world, are changing day by day. 
The blood of angry men!
The dark of ages past!

So Les Miserables came out. I have only been waiting for this for about 5 years. Ok, 8. And only waiting in earnest since the teaser trailers came out. And planning to see it since November when the UK release date was in December so I would have been able to see it with home-friends who are equally obsessed (Anne).

Its been out 5 days. I saw it opening night, and then again yesterday.
That was slightly by accident. I was on my way home from shopping. It made sense at the time. It's not like I had lots of planning to do.......
(And only one person remembered that it was a plan I told them about after seeing it with them Friday night. out of 20ish)

Anyway. It took me till after seeing it the second time to realise how an obvious illusion knit was staring me in the face. The logo, done in Red and Black.

I made the pattern. I have it, it's currently on needles to be completed this weekend (Bah Work. Why you make me no knit all time?!) and then I will upload. I want the first one. I am also very obsessed so will have a nice time all weekend knitting it up in front of my two different concert DVDs of Les Mis, or listening to one of the 3 variations of soundtrack CDs.

My housemates, by the by, are suprisingly relaxed about my constant and consistent singing of Les Mis songs at them. One commented that it will never stop being funny, and tells me that I have a 'Les Mis face' which is apparently awesome and benefits from the frequent bouts of excited jumping.
I'm just glad they haven't chucked me out to go sing in a bar or while walking around town.
Which is also massive amounts of fun. Just saying.

The world about to dawn.
The night that ends at last!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My Housemate Totoro

New year, new projects. 

One of my two New Years Resolutions (which do not really deserve the capitalisation they are receiving, but whatever) is to create at least 50 projects of varying descriptions this year.
I haven't totally decided if this counts as one project or three. 
It counts as 3 on Ravelry though. That should count for something, right?

My housemate is into anime. He likes Totoro. It made sense. 

It started out with the grey one. Also with quite a lot of me moaning at people who have more idea as to what makes the perfect Totoro telling me that he had to be grey when I wanted to use a more exciting colour. Like not-grey.

Then I found out that in fact you ARE allowed not-grey Totoros. They are blue, and small and - I really can't stress this enough - not grey. And cute. That too. So, clearly I needed to make a small blue Totoro as well. 

Since I am pretty lazy I actually found this out by looking at the other Totoro patterns available on Ravelry and discovering that the wonderous person who made the original big grey Totoro patterns had also made patterns for the whole family of Totoros. 

This is also where the little one came in. He is adorably small.
He fits on the big grey ones head. How cute is that? 

I'm getting better at this. His birthday was only 4 days ago. That's lots better.
Last time it was months late.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hats and stuff

Hats. So thats a traditional Christmas gift right?
Beards. They go with hats right?

My brother sent me a photo about 3 days before he came home for Christmas of some girl who had crocheted herself a Viking helmet and beard combo. He wanted one. Who says I never give him anything he wants.

The beard is removable, to make the helmet wearable by itself. Or - if you are sufficiently crazy - the beard wearable by itself. My mother is sufficiently crazy. Who knew?

Oh wait. I think everyone did.
My friends don't get out of randomness either. This year I drew Suzz in the Coventry Secret Santa (oh alright, I got Sophie to rig it so I got Suzz because I already wanted to get her this) and got her a book of animal hats. There was a picture on the front of a girl grinning and wearing a crazy hat that just reminded me of Suzz oh-so-much.

I promptly stole the book and used it to make the Secret Santa present for the Poole victim, the lovely Anne.

Who is modelling the Poisonous Pink Frog Hat.

And who got slightly forced into promising to wear it in public in a non-fancy dress way at least once.

And take photos.
I did give the book back to Suzz (and I swear it is actually a present for her and not for me - Honest!), but not before also making a panda hat from the book for my uncle.... who  I failed to take embarrassing pictures of before he took the hat off, and subsequently left Bournemouth to resume his normal life. I say normal. Whatever passes for it for him I suppose.