Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hats and stuff

Hats. So thats a traditional Christmas gift right?
Beards. They go with hats right?

My brother sent me a photo about 3 days before he came home for Christmas of some girl who had crocheted herself a Viking helmet and beard combo. He wanted one. Who says I never give him anything he wants.

The beard is removable, to make the helmet wearable by itself. Or - if you are sufficiently crazy - the beard wearable by itself. My mother is sufficiently crazy. Who knew?

Oh wait. I think everyone did.
My friends don't get out of randomness either. This year I drew Suzz in the Coventry Secret Santa (oh alright, I got Sophie to rig it so I got Suzz because I already wanted to get her this) and got her a book of animal hats. There was a picture on the front of a girl grinning and wearing a crazy hat that just reminded me of Suzz oh-so-much.

I promptly stole the book and used it to make the Secret Santa present for the Poole victim, the lovely Anne.

Who is modelling the Poisonous Pink Frog Hat.

And who got slightly forced into promising to wear it in public in a non-fancy dress way at least once.

And take photos.
I did give the book back to Suzz (and I swear it is actually a present for her and not for me - Honest!), but not before also making a panda hat from the book for my uncle.... who  I failed to take embarrassing pictures of before he took the hat off, and subsequently left Bournemouth to resume his normal life. I say normal. Whatever passes for it for him I suppose. 

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