Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What goes around comes around. And what goes around was weird to start with.

In January my friend Jenni posted a pay it forwards craft thingy. Basically the first five people to yell got her to make them something, and they in return made something for five people. Not that surprisingly I signed up, and even less shockingly I haven't yet actually done a damn thing about it. But we are shoulder deep into revision time for final exams at Warwick uni, so what better time could there be to procrastinate with totally random knitting projects?

On that line of thought, I bring exciting news (to a certain kind of mind its exciting) about one of my Christmas present knits.
Apparently, Mrs Darlick has acquired a boyfriend.

I think someones sanity may have cracked, the problem is I can't tell if its mine, or Timo and Aicha's. Oh well. another rung knit.

by the way - I only had 3 takers in January. 2 random knitted things remain for the taking