Saturday, 21 September 2013

Coraline doll

So some months ago it was Ross' birthday (in true me style with organisation and all) and so in accordance with my general principles I got him to name something for me to knit him. He went with Coraline, after some initial indecision and disinterest.
Since then, um, we moved so - not only is this present several months late, but to someone who is now an ex-housemate when it was promised to a housemate.
I suck at timing.

This one posed a few problems, chief among them that Ross was not so impressed with the concept of a knitted raincoat, but that is totally iconic for Coraline. Ebay to the rescue.

This apparently is a vintage Amanda Jane doll raincoat, hood and shoes set. This I care about very little, but the raincoat is perfect, so I went for it. The hood and shoes I ditched. Far too much like effort to incorporate them.

I used this pattern, but making sure that the body and arms were in red colours for her jumper and fit into the little raincoat. Surprisingly enough this worked perfectly, without any alterations or anything. Rocking.
The next problem is not really a problem at all, but... I don't much like her hair. I ran out of my preferred blue for hair, so had to multihue it. And now its giant. The hair. Its giant.
Hopefully Ross won't mind too much!