Friday, 8 June 2012

The wonders of loop stitch and tea

The wonders of loop stitch may be a bit of an overstatement - I kinda hate doing loop stitch. Its slow, and makes my fingers cramp up so much more than any other type of knitting. Also - it uses up very much of your wool.

But on the other hand, it is totally awesome. 

Perfect for a sheep me thinks.

  (yes he is a teapot cosy. yes that is where the tea part of the title comes in)

In fact. We have a space hopper in our house called Fred. He is our sixth housemate (cause Tory went to Americaland and got herself relegated to seventh despite, you know, being human and all) and he is useful in the seating department. 

He also is ..... probably ..... a sheep. We're not totally sure. But it seems moderately plausible that that was what whoever designed the face on him was going for.

Seems a shame for a sheep not to have a nice fleece really doesn't it?

Back to the loop stitch. (For approximately the next *year*)