Illusion Knits

Blogger doesn't allow embedding of PDFs, so here are the links to my original illusion patterns.

Les Miserables Chart
Les Mis

Christmas Tree Illusion Knit Scarf
Christmas Tree

     - Death of Rats Illusion Knit
    - Great A'tuin Illusion Knit
Great A'tuin
Great A'tuin (2)
    - Rincewind / Luggage Illusion Knit - old small, needs imagination
new, larger, better detail and clarity

Hundred Acres Wood:
      - Tigger
Tigger Illusion link
      - Piglet
Piglet Illusion link

Neo Matrix Illusion Knit

Superman Logo Illusion Knit
Superman Logo

Robert Pattinson/ Edward Cullen Illusion
Pattinson illusion

Michael Jackson Illusion Knit
Michael Jackson
Micheal Jackson 2