Saturday, 11 June 2011

Just the thing to add to my To-Do list

A new style of knitting came up in my emails the other day - entrelac. To clarify - not a new New style of knitting, just one I hadn't seen before. The other would be way cooler, and totally justify me ditching other responsibilities to pursue it.
But - still new to me, and the email showed a whole host of interesting patterns and projects to do with it. So, I looked carefully at my To-Do list, considered the logic of the situation carefully, all the demands on my time at present. And came to the logical, sensible, considered, responsible, loyal to my degree decision that I could not possibly start learning a new style of knitting which I would want to play with quite a lot.

And then thought: To the vilest pits of hell with logical conclusions.

Hence sitting here, knitting an entrelac scarf in front of the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying, completely ignoring my final exam revision, the projects I was supposed to finish right at the beginning of May (sorry TinniE - I will get there eventually promise!), and the interview preparation for Monday.


All is well, Life is good, and there's narry a Steve in sight.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rincewind Revised

At least something has been.

So I decided to knit up the luggage illusion from the chart yesterday, and immediately regretted sticking the old version online before having knitted it.
It sucks basically. It is just about possible to see the luggage, if you really want to see it. I know that this is often true of illusions, but more than normal.
So I have now revised the luggage and Rincewind charts, and well... they look far more promising. I've left the old ones available, but largely for comparison. I'll knit up these new charts when I get a second, but that won't be till later.

Damnit. I've run out of blogstuff to do.
I really must go revise ANT now.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rincewind up

Cause obviously this is far more important than the exam I have looming.

I finished of Rincewind illusion earlier, and decided that he would do well as a scarf end. But one end of the scarf having something awesome on it and nothing else would be a bit lonely really. So I tried for a little while to make a chart for WIZZARD; Rincewind's most famous title in case you don't know. I failed. I mean, it could look like the words if you squinted and stuff, but compared to the guy that made the POLICE BOX chart it was just a bit awful. So I abandoned that. But still Rincewind would be lonely!
Then inspiration! (potentially way too strong a word, but let me have it) Who could accompany Rincewind but his faithful retainer, the Luggage! Ok, so again retainers just not the right word, but I can't be bothered with subtleties of the English language right at this moment.

So yeah - my Rincewind illusion now has an additional Luggage illusion, which can helpfully finish the second end of the scarf. TADA! I have finally designed something that could theoretically be classed as clothing!

As per -  its on the Illusion knit page