Sunday, 25 December 2011

Crazy Christmas countdown 2011

Not so crazy this year. Largely because I didn't try to knit many people anything anyways, and I fully discounted toothless for Sam on the basis that it is a well belated birthday present already and can remain so...... For ages.
How many years are in an age? Lots hopefully.

Sorry Sam. I have some time in January to do it. Or something.

Anyway, all I made was a snu for mum, and a jumper for Timo. And theoretically a scarf but thats not done yet.


Still managed to be up tilll half one last two nights trying to finish.
New years resolution fail.

Whatever. At least its a pretty jumper. I failed to factor in his reeeeeeeediculously broad shoulders but still. It works (more or less) and I dont care (more).

Also failed on pay it forwards creative things. Whoops.
Ruddy school. Takes way too much time. Wanna knit more.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Finally - a breather.

School is one day off finishing for Christmas. Oh wait. 2.
But the last ones just pantomimes.

Soo relieved its not even funny.

Knitting is not something I've had time for all term. Just so busy planning lessons, marking and simply making it through the days. I now get some time to put my feet up, drink tea, and knit.
Its awesome.

To celebrate, here is a Christmas tree scarf illusion thingy.
Just a chart to be fair, but so very  easily extended to a scarf that I'm calling it a scarf.
And when I manage to find my needles I will totally knit it up for my Dad.

My brain died with my final lesson.

Christmas Tree Illusion Scarf