Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Numero Trois

Third Illsuion knit comission.
I'm actually enjoying them. Its a break from the work I am totally supposed to be doing right now.
The point is; other people giving me the ideas, and actually knitting the things (which is something I have NOT got time for) is really good, and I still get to do knit related things.
Now sleep.
Sleep good.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tory, her Gecko obsession, and the hat what I made.

It's a hat. With a gecko on it.
I made her a gecko from scratch a year ago, and she was very pleased. So, I wanted to find something else gecko related. And did. Obviously. I should get a better writing style really shouldn't I? Anywho, I found a chart someone had made for a crocheted gecko shawl. That seemed way too much like effort, but the geckos were pretty. So I also found a simple beanie-hat pattern, and inserted the prettiest gecko. Done.

                                                      Small issue. It may be too small.
Tory does have a hilariously small head though. Every Christmas the paper hats turn into necklaces instantly.

See here, in this here photo, here, Tory's hat is paper clipped to be smaller, and the teddy bears hat? That was one Ste made for Tory the year before.

Maybe. Maybe it will fit her.
It sure doesn't fit me.

It doesn't. I have achieved a hat that is too small for Tory. Congratulations. To me.
Picture to follow. I was so caught up in the fail that was hat sizing that I gave up and went away.


Toothless is cute.

Just thought we should start there before saying anything else. It's not up for discussion. He is cute.
For the chaplaincy ball we painted this image onto the wall, with a wingspan of about 5-6 feet. Afterwards, I got to take him home! So he's on my wall!
Thus I have a cute Toothless. That's me covered, but what about all those other poor people out there? They are Toothless-less, and this is sad. Particularly, my friend Sam, who has spent a lot of time trying to find a Toothless toy, and can't, because the only ones available are insufficiently cute.

Enter birthday presents.
I decided I would knit Sam up a Toothless toy, so searched ravelry for a pattern. Was slightly delighted that there was one. Largely because I really didn't feel like making my own pattern for it. Objects are kind of a far cry from charts in my eyes. I can make charts. Thats a relatively simple image editing process. Objects. No idea where to start.
So, in any case, I'm going to knit Sam a Toothless.

But there's still a larger problem. The pattern I found is not free. This is something I dislike on a low level basis. I'm willing to pay in this case because he's so complicated, but I still feel that there is a gap in the ravelry database for a free Toothless related pattern.
Enter illusion knits.

If you think about it Toothless is really quite an appropriate thing for an illusion knit. I mean - night furies are the one dragon that no-one had ever seen.... until Hiccup shot one. So they should be invisible from many angles. Illusion is perfect.

Thus; I have also made up an illusion chart for Toothless. In fact 4 illusion charts for Toothless. Cause he is cute, and therefore merits extra charts from extra angles. I have a vision in my head of a blanket of illusion knitted Toothlesses, and so the charts should hopefully fit together. Since I'm not sure how it works (and have decided to be selfish initially so that I have the FIRST TOOTHLESS ILLUSION BLANKET) its not going online till I have knitted it. Which is probably a better time to put things online in general, but. Well. I'm lazy, so ... I cut corners.

I feel this post needs a summary. So here is one.
Toothless is cute.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Life, The Universe, and Other Mysteries.

The most notable one of which currently (aside from
" Why did I not go to bed at a sane time considering when I have to get up? "
 -which is admittedly also a very current issue, and has been for some time tonight. Um. This morning, and Last night. Stupid computer. Keeping me up. ... Or something) is :
" Why do people come asking me for help with illusion patterns? "
In particular, I've had another commission from a fellow Raveler. Which in turn has led actually to the solution of the other mystery mentioned. I just completed the chart for them. I should probably actually ask for payment in return really. The first guy actually offered. New mystery to add to the list:
" Why did I not accept? "
I mean. Its not exactly like paid work in that I actually enjoy the effort involved, but it does take time, and I should have recognised that. I could have just given the money to charity if I felt guilty about it.
I'm an utter idiot. Maybe sleep will improve my idiocy quota.
Maybe not.

*edit* yep. I'm an idiot. Failed to mention the project is an illusion chart for the superman logo. link is, as ever, over on the illusion knit page.

Friday, 2 September 2011


So. I finished the Barbossa charts. Spectacularly this actually did happen legitimately AFTER the other things I said I would do, and a selection of other things that I did in a sensible way.
I know. Shocking.
Point is that they are finished, on scribd, and all is well in the universe. I am even ambivalent towards any and all Steves at this stage in time.
(Thats the sign of a good day by the way)
Tra La.

I have nothing to say in this post. I wonder why I bothered to write it?
Meh. Whatever.