Saturday, 10 September 2011


Toothless is cute.

Just thought we should start there before saying anything else. It's not up for discussion. He is cute.
For the chaplaincy ball we painted this image onto the wall, with a wingspan of about 5-6 feet. Afterwards, I got to take him home! So he's on my wall!
Thus I have a cute Toothless. That's me covered, but what about all those other poor people out there? They are Toothless-less, and this is sad. Particularly, my friend Sam, who has spent a lot of time trying to find a Toothless toy, and can't, because the only ones available are insufficiently cute.

Enter birthday presents.
I decided I would knit Sam up a Toothless toy, so searched ravelry for a pattern. Was slightly delighted that there was one. Largely because I really didn't feel like making my own pattern for it. Objects are kind of a far cry from charts in my eyes. I can make charts. Thats a relatively simple image editing process. Objects. No idea where to start.
So, in any case, I'm going to knit Sam a Toothless.

But there's still a larger problem. The pattern I found is not free. This is something I dislike on a low level basis. I'm willing to pay in this case because he's so complicated, but I still feel that there is a gap in the ravelry database for a free Toothless related pattern.
Enter illusion knits.

If you think about it Toothless is really quite an appropriate thing for an illusion knit. I mean - night furies are the one dragon that no-one had ever seen.... until Hiccup shot one. So they should be invisible from many angles. Illusion is perfect.

Thus; I have also made up an illusion chart for Toothless. In fact 4 illusion charts for Toothless. Cause he is cute, and therefore merits extra charts from extra angles. I have a vision in my head of a blanket of illusion knitted Toothlesses, and so the charts should hopefully fit together. Since I'm not sure how it works (and have decided to be selfish initially so that I have the FIRST TOOTHLESS ILLUSION BLANKET) its not going online till I have knitted it. Which is probably a better time to put things online in general, but. Well. I'm lazy, so ... I cut corners.

I feel this post needs a summary. So here is one.
Toothless is cute.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks there is a gap in he Ravelry database for a free Toothless pattern! :)