Monday, 5 September 2011

Life, The Universe, and Other Mysteries.

The most notable one of which currently (aside from
" Why did I not go to bed at a sane time considering when I have to get up? "
 -which is admittedly also a very current issue, and has been for some time tonight. Um. This morning, and Last night. Stupid computer. Keeping me up. ... Or something) is :
" Why do people come asking me for help with illusion patterns? "
In particular, I've had another commission from a fellow Raveler. Which in turn has led actually to the solution of the other mystery mentioned. I just completed the chart for them. I should probably actually ask for payment in return really. The first guy actually offered. New mystery to add to the list:
" Why did I not accept? "
I mean. Its not exactly like paid work in that I actually enjoy the effort involved, but it does take time, and I should have recognised that. I could have just given the money to charity if I felt guilty about it.
I'm an utter idiot. Maybe sleep will improve my idiocy quota.
Maybe not.

*edit* yep. I'm an idiot. Failed to mention the project is an illusion chart for the superman logo. link is, as ever, over on the illusion knit page.

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