Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Getting ahead of myself

It's still exam time. Warwick has a really hideously long exam time. Half my friends at other unis not only went back later than us, but have also finished. Which is really awesome for them and all, but jealous!
On the other hand, those that now have nothing left and so have almost-graduated.... EEeeeeK! They now have to pretend to be adults! Anything more scary?
Well. Probably, but this will do for the moment.

In any case, this stupid long revision time (and the fact that I tried using my finger as a chopping board and that hasn't healed yet) mean that I have done nowt all in the way of knitting recently. But since I am insane in this particular department (and many others that I won't add here) I have been continuing with the illusion patterns. I still haven't even made it to the fuzzy/not-fuzzy elephants to find out if they're fuzzy or not in Great A'tuin. On Great A'tuin. Definitely not in. Quite clearly standing on his back. Not sure what I was thinking of there. Made it sound like the Great Old Turtle In The Sky had starting eating elephants (fuzzy or not) for breakfast.
Demonstrating the madness oh so well today huh?

Um. point. I had a point.

Oh! yeah. that I get ahead of myself.

It's not that interesting, but again its exam time and knitting is Not-maths, so I guess I'll tell you anyhow. I've been happily looking for other things to illusionate, and particularly looking for stuff to illusionate that would lend itself to other colours - largely cause I'm out of double knit black. So this lead me towards the Matrix. Obviously needs green right? Or blue if you're a purist who doesn't acknowledge the sequels. Minor issue that it really should be green and black, but whatever.
Neo Matrix Illusion knit pattern is the result of all this rambling, and revision-evading.
Again the pattern link is over in the illusion knit page.

I've also got a couple of discworld things to put online shortly. They're not that great, I mean I haven't tried them (gasp if shocked here.... no one? me either) so they could still potentially turn out amazingly, but the lack of detail was semi-deliberate. These ones - Nac Mac Feegle and Rincewind - are actually in dimensions that could easily turn into scarfs. They could in fact be something other than a panel of time consuming knitting! Success!
And coincidentally, clearly a present lined up for my discworld happy mother! Woot!

Anyways - enjoy the patterns. Bet you someone else gets through with one before I do :)

Monday, 23 May 2011


Really short post coming up. List of current procrastination knitting projects.
ETs bday present (only 10 days late so far)
Brothers bday present (technically done, but not counted till I remember to post it)
off shoulder jumper
Great A'tuin illusion
Illusionating Rincewind
Illusionating Nac Mac Feegle
Illusionating Neo
Matts bday present

List of exams to do
Algebraic Number Theory
Combinatorial Optimisation

Oh, and an interview I ought to prepare for.... meh.
Knittings just more fun.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bloody Stupid Johnson's Bloody Stupid Hat

Actually thats a really mean title. I thought it was a fun hat really. And really quick - only took about 2 days.

Not a long or particularly interesting story this... but its revision term so therefore it is upgraded to more-interesting-than-maths. Not a big upgrade in status I have to admit.
Liz saw me knitting in the chaplaincy and mentioned a hat she wanted someone to knit. It was the bloody stupid Johnson hat. (shock horror - you'd never have guessed that right!) I said I'd give it a go.

Ta Da!
A hat was created.

hum. the tada would work better if I had remembered to take a photo Before giving it to Liz.
Ah well. I'll ask her to send me one, and put it up when she does. Or I'll take a camera tonight and hope she wears it. Or something. Falalalala they're only bees.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tis the Season to Procrastinate, fa la la la la, la la la la!

Ring out the bells: Exam Season is HERE!!!

Just so much joy.

Have you ever noticed that when you need to revise you end up spending at least as much time procrastinating as revising? Ok, in my case its more like double the time procrastinating as revising, but you get my point. Its boring. And in addition to needing to do all this work theres the sense of massive guilt you get whenever you are not doing work. Oh you gotta love a good old revision revision revision EXAM!!!!!!!!!! season.

Oh wait. You don't.

Anyway. Rant done. My point is that I have been doing loads of knitting recently, but at the same time feeling really guilty about it. Hence even though I'm spending more time than usual knitting, I can't get into any big projects. I think it seems like too much of a challenge, and just looks like too much time. So instead, all the little things I was going to knit for friends as listed in last post are getting done - which honest to goodness is a great thing, specially since I've only just noticed its May, and that means a new round of birthdays. Why can't I ever keep track of my life?

Back to the point, what I really want to be playing with in the knitting department is more illusion knits. I really really enjoyed doing the Death of Rats, and actually I made my own rose illusion too. I didn't bother to share that with anyone cause there's lots of that sort of pattern about on Ravelry, but it was just fun to do it from scratch myself. So I decided. I've made the pattern for another discworld illusion knit now, and will get around to the actual knitting of it later. Well. Actually. I think I'll start it off now... and just feel really guilty whenever I knit more than 5 ridges at a time. That could work.

The patterns over at scribd again, but here's the original picture I was working from. I'm not so confident with this one as with DoR, cause this one has a lot more detail and is far less line drawn. I think I've got good definition on Great A'tuin and the disc - but the elephants look a little on the fuzzy side on the chart. It's impressive how much you lose just from going over to greyscale; using only three colours makes things just a bit difficult to see.

It may work out perfectly. Thats the hope anyways.