Friday, 5 April 2013

In which we discuss Animals, Hats, Rollercoasters and Late Frosts.

This is Easter. This.


In Easter holidays.

Really weather????

Just before the Easter holidays I got to take a French exchange trip to Drayton Manor. That's right, I got PAID TO GO ON ROLLERCOASTERS!!
Unfortunately, due to snow, the rollercoasters were not in fact operational.

In the Easter holidays Mum and I decided we needed to go play with ALL THE ROLLERCOASTERS!!!!

So we went to Thorpe Park. And then the next day to Alton Towers

It was fffffreeezing.

Happily I had planned ahead. That week I had been making myself a Lion hat from the most awesome knit book I own (I originally bought a copy for Suzz for Christmas, but then discovered that I really did need another one for me) Animal Hats. Then, since I was planning on making a prat of myself wondering around a theme park in a Lion hat, I sat down the night before going to Thorpe Park and made my mother a noxious green frog hat.

The Smiler in construction. Covered in SNOW!
Which is actually how we saw it.

Needless to say, she was thrilled at the notion.

At Thorpe Park we got several people complimenting the craziness of the hats, and LOTS of strange looks. But it was cold so we wore the hats.

At Alton Towers the next day, there was snow on the ground and on the rollercoasters (which were, happily,  running) so we definitely wore the hats. There we got lots of strange looks, some compliments, and lots of jealous looks. It was freezing.

Not on a rollercoaster, sorry. When I was in Cambridge, irritating Anne
by wearing it in public. In fact, she stole it off my head in the middle of
 the road and wouldn't give it back till we got to her house. Spoil Sport.

{there will be a photo of Ma in the frog hat here. eventually. honest}

Apologies for the lack of photos of us on rollercoasters. Unfortunately since we are slightly die-hard riders, we do not stop for buying overpriced photos from the parks, and we don't take phones/cameras in with us, cause all that would mean is that we would spend precious ride time taking pictures.