Friday, 28 January 2011

One True Scarf

There have been many scarves across the years. Year. There's been the rainbow scarves, the lacy scarves (scarf), the scarf that turned into a cape for a flying weasel; no really. There's been all kinds of weird patterns, some of which I even managed to finish and everything.
But now there is, the one, the only, the one true scarf.

So, Ste's birthday was only nearly a month ago; which is pretty good going for me. So I've knitted him a scarf with the Japanese character for true on it.

Was slightly concerned about that one - I didn't know whether it was actually a real character until I actually gave the thing to him, so I spent about a week knitting the scarf without knowing whether or not I had already ruined it. I hadn't  - yayness!

Now on to the next fail at birthday knitting :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nothing to do with Knitting

Fate hath conspired against me.
As it has wont to do.

I really hate fate.

Subjects I really shouldn't share cause I won't want to when I'm sober: my faith, my lovelife, my friends lovelives, how much I hate/love respective members of the set of my friends, how much I hate that I use mathematical language, my life.

And; hey look. I'm just sober enough.
I hate my life.

Friday, 21 January 2011

I didn't know it was a real hat!

So. Steve asked me to knit this hat. Its a really ugly hat. It has ugly ear flaps in bright red, an ugly shape in bright orange, and a really ugly crown in bright yellow. Its ugly. Really really ugly.

So I was knitting it anyways, making it considerably less ugly by changing to a pattern that had real shape, and better ear flaps, and stuff... And then Suzz explained that if we watched firefly it would all make sense. Darnit. It is a real hat. I didn't know it was a real hat. I didn't! It not my fault!
However cause I am an idiot and am really really pedantic about all this knitting melarky, I have just spent a long time unraveling the red portion of the hat that I was knitting in order to do it right. More ugly. But right.

Firefly costume people should get more taste. Or I need to recognize when something is actually a geek thing, .... or something.

and here is the finished article. bleh.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Mattinator

So Matt Brennan is one of my close friends at uni. He's a second year mathmo, and is the publicity officer of Focus, president of Photo Soc, and all round computer wizz. For example, last year at the end of term my computer totally died - due to lack of memory as it turns out - and within 6 hours Matt and Ste had totally revived it. Incredible - cause I couldn't actually turn the damn thing on.
Anyway. Tonight in the pub Jenni mentioned something about a program that would really help with knitting complicated repeating patterns - say 8 rows or something - that you use a row counter for. Her idea was that if you had a computer it ought to be possible to have something that highlights the relevant row of the pattern - specially as me and Jenni both get most if not all patterns off Ravelry.
So, Matt, the awesome, the Mattinator, got out his laptop in the middle of the pub, and started spewing code in such a way that he has created such a program. Its awesome. Try it sometime.
This is totally and completely Matt's hard work, but it is going to be so useful I can't quite resist sharing it. Thanks Matt!

Its really awesome having pet computer geniuses.
ps. Not a derogatory term, but a term of AWEsomeness.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years Resolution of the Knitting Variety

OK. This would be a more interesting post if I actually had more than 2 resolutions.
  1. Start my Christmas knitting in November, and not say 2 and a half weeks before Christmas. 
  2. Listen to Suzie more - or - actually finish the projects I cast on
    1. Dr Who illusion
    2. Lacy scarf
    3. Socks
    4. Ema's Bday pressie
    5. Rob's Bday pressie
I guess that would also be a good resolution
    3.  Finish birthday knits Before their birthdays

So basically - be more sensible, and manage time better. 
Never gonna happen.