Friday, 28 January 2011

One True Scarf

There have been many scarves across the years. Year. There's been the rainbow scarves, the lacy scarves (scarf), the scarf that turned into a cape for a flying weasel; no really. There's been all kinds of weird patterns, some of which I even managed to finish and everything.
But now there is, the one, the only, the one true scarf.

So, Ste's birthday was only nearly a month ago; which is pretty good going for me. So I've knitted him a scarf with the Japanese character for true on it.

Was slightly concerned about that one - I didn't know whether it was actually a real character until I actually gave the thing to him, so I spent about a week knitting the scarf without knowing whether or not I had already ruined it. I hadn't  - yayness!

Now on to the next fail at birthday knitting :)

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