Monday, 24 December 2012

Bah Humbug

4 am Dudes

Thank the Lord for the joy of Whiskey.

I hate Christmas

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ode to Christmas

Or - Why Do I Do This To Myself Each Year.

Its Christmas Eve eve. 23:13, 23/12/12. I feel ill. Really quite ill. Why am I still up then, you ask? Why? Could it be the festive season getting me so happy and excited that I just can't settle to sleep? Could it be the enticement of imminent inebriation satiable by my parents dosh?
Its knitting.

More accurately it's a lack of knitting.

One Panda hat - knit but not sewn.
One fluffy weird scarf - partially knit
One jumper - 1 x sleeve and the collar to go (before sewing)
One dragon - so many pieces to go I don't know where to start.

Stupid season.
Stupid festival.
Stupid Christmas.

I hate Christmas.

(don't get me wrong, I really enjoy mini-Uni/House-Christmas, and I mucho like the sentiment of the Christian festival. It's just the actual day itself that I can't be bothered with. That, and presents. And shopping. And the effort that has to go into all the food. And......... )

Monday, 17 December 2012

The army is rising

So I was going to wait for the full army to be complete, armed and operable. However, the last date to post parcels is on Thursday. So - the army is being broken up somewhat prematurely.

Thus, some pictures of this part of my pteeny ptiny pterodactyl army is having its group photo now, before it is sent out across this currently green and pleasant land.

They do have names you'll be glad to here. Dark green is called Needle, aka Strike-a-Pose. Neon green is called Vegas. Blue stripes is called Niagra, and red is called Cranberry.

Each of them has a nice introductory note, that somehow or other completely failed to mention their special orders regarding rising up to take over the country on specific orders, which may or may not have been a major part of the intention of building this army in the first place. Instead they state their wish for platonic love in the form of friendship and Christmas spirit.

Their poor owners. Enjoying this seemingly wonderful new friend, never suspecting the sinister happenings that may or may not come to pass. 
I mean, they are lovely and wonderful presents which will bring their owners nothing but joy. That is definitely all I mean, and all that will happen. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Pteeny Ptiny Pteddy Pterodactyls

Christimas ptime approacheth in its ptraditional looming, undeniable, inevitable and downright scary manner. Ptis pthe season pto make and pto share. Specifically pto knit so many freaking pthings pthat you are pretty convinced you will still be knitting pthe last sleeve on Christmas eve, and are likely to go ptotally Librarian-poo and Bursar pto quote pthe guards of pthe Ankh-Morpork city watch.

Pthis year, I'm doing one jumper, one dragon, and one army of pteeny ptiny pteddy pterodactyls.

Pthey are cute. Very cute. 

Only the first Strike-a-Pose pteddy pterodactyl has as yet consented to have his picture captured. Pthe others wish to wait for pthe full assemblage of pthe army and a group shot. Pthey have a point. Or I've gone crazy. Not sure which is pthe more likely. 

If you were wondering by pthe way - pthey are pteddy pterodactyls because my wonderfully pedantic not-quite-housemate Steve wanted pto check if pthey were ptrue pterodactyls or just pterodons. Since I was not, and remain not, willing pto do pthe necessary research, pthey are pteddys. Pthat also solve pthe minor authenticity problem pthat would otherwise have been faced with having one bright green pterodon, or pterosaur or whatever pthey would actually pturn out pto be, who had a stripy blue brother and a red sister. I realise we have no great quantities of proof on pthe colours of pterosaurs, but I am also fairly certain pthat pthe shear variety of colours I am creating would cause historians interested in pthis particular random minutiae severe alarm. I know pthe name caused Steve sufficient alarm for a minutiae to be changed. Simplicity is said pto be a wonderful pthing. I wouldn't know however, having yet pto experience it.

I got pthe pattern from ravelry (of course) and while I did have pto pay, I don't begrudge pthe money one bit. Partly because it was under £2 but mostly because pthe pattern is brilliant. I can pturn one of these guys out in an evening. Which is handy given how close pthe beast pthat is pthe date looms.

Only one sad pthing. Pthey will shortly be split up all across pthe country.