Friday, 19 August 2011

Explorations into the world of Crocheting

I have now been knitting for just over two years. Time to try something new me thinks.

That scary thing.
I'm not totally sure why I'm so scared of crochet hooks, given that knitting needles are sharper and therefore make a much more viable weapon (not that I've thought about this much...), but there we go. I'm much less convinced that wool will obey me when I'm wielding a hook rather than a needle.
That said, time to venture into this strange new world. (cue Disney music).

This is actually because I am now starting to think about birthday and Christmas presents to cover the next 4 months, and too many of the really cute small things are crocheted. In particular there is a really really cute little black mage that I want to make. A year ago I would have run from the idea, and in fact did - hence Tory's gecko, but now. Now I am going to give it a go.

Is this what growth is?
Am I growing up?
Somehow I doubt it....

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

comissioned illusion

Stranger things have happened than someone offering work. But this, for me, is a first. Someone on ravelry contacted me recently to ask me to do a particular illusion pattern for them (Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen). Lol. Random.
I'm working on it though. It's actually really not that hard a process for me, turning an image into an illusion pattern, but it does take a little while. On which note, I'll go do something about it, and continue the blog post later.

And I'm back (like a week later). I've made up three versions of the illusion. There's a medium and super huge version of Edward Cullen, and a medium Robert Pattinson. At some stage, when the guy is relatively happy with the patterns, I will put them onto ravelry, but for the moment at least they are uniquely his. Well. I guess they should be mine, but I really can't be bothered to knit that big of an illusion of a person and/or character I have no interest in, as I have a queue of things I do want to knit. So I won't. But I do think the patterns will work. In fact the super huge one should be pretty good, if a pain in the donkey to knit.

It's been fun though. I really enjoy making the patterns, and still find it funny that I was asked. Funny in a good way. In a whoa!-I-have-a-skill-that's-in-demand-when-on-earth-did-that-happen way. You know?
Me either.
Me and words - we fail.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Better late than never

I finally finished it! Woo!
Only 8 months late, or as some friends of mine optimistically put it, 4 months early. Unfortunately she knew it was coming, not what it was, but that it was, so its definitely in the late rather than early category. Which is a shame. I often do things like this. Good examples are my dad's jumper, and my brother's birthday present. Actually, that was quite special of me. 2 months it was finished, wrapped, parcelled, addressed, and sitting on my desk rather than being sent so it would arrive, oh I don't know, maybe on or near his birthday.
Another friend's parents tried to give my parents a Christmas card one year (for sake of argument rather than memory lets say 2008), by getting Emma to give it to me, and then me passing it on. That also took a ridiculously long time, to whit 11 months. Therefore, in November 2009 I managed to finally pass on the card, thinking "Yay, it will be early and not obvious at all that I fail really badly at delivering stuff!". Brilliantly, my equally absent-minded mother opened the card and was delighted, and it was left to my dad to point out that a) I was incompetent,  b) my mum was slightly blind, and c) that it was the end of November, so a little bit late to be wishing us all the best for 2009.....
It's probably a good job he noticed though. Otherwise, if he also was so absent-minded, we would as a family fail completely in life, rather than sporadically as we do now.

Anyway. It's done. I can now guilt free return to all the other weird and wonderful things I have plans for. And chart Barbossa. And do mathPGCE related things. And, well. Generally pay a bit more attention to my life.
Bit far-fetched perhaps, but worth a try.