Friday, 19 August 2011

Explorations into the world of Crocheting

I have now been knitting for just over two years. Time to try something new me thinks.

That scary thing.
I'm not totally sure why I'm so scared of crochet hooks, given that knitting needles are sharper and therefore make a much more viable weapon (not that I've thought about this much...), but there we go. I'm much less convinced that wool will obey me when I'm wielding a hook rather than a needle.
That said, time to venture into this strange new world. (cue Disney music).

This is actually because I am now starting to think about birthday and Christmas presents to cover the next 4 months, and too many of the really cute small things are crocheted. In particular there is a really really cute little black mage that I want to make. A year ago I would have run from the idea, and in fact did - hence Tory's gecko, but now. Now I am going to give it a go.

Is this what growth is?
Am I growing up?
Somehow I doubt it....

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