Sunday, 28 November 2010

So. Life got busy again.

My life got busy these last two weeks. I've had an essay to write on a subject that I still honest to goodness don't understand, and a weekend away to, well not so much organise (though there was an element of that) but to stress about. And, and this is the important bit: its all DONE!
In a totally normal way for me I have been happily making my life harder than I needed to by tackling knitting projects with a time limit. I really should work my life out at some point. Anyway.

Catherine at some point in the past mentioned that she liked my scarf, and it was her birthday on Friday. Well. She stole it every time she saw me for a week or so, and I kind of gathered that she liked it. The point was that I decided to knit her a rainbow colour scarf of awesometude. Only issue is that knitting scarfs takes ages. Really really ages. And changing colour often means it takes even more ages when finishing off. All this meant that while she did in fact get an awesome scarf of awesometude, and even on her birthday, she did get it after it had been press-ganged into service while we were waiting in the cold for the bus to the weekend away. Only slightly second hand. By like an hour or so. Totally close enough. (sorry Catherine)

I also happily found projects for Emma's birthday, Rob's birthday, my Uni secret Santa, and my home secret Santa circles. I have been trying hard to work on these over the past two weeks, but only 2 of the 4  are actually - hang on. Food is ready.

Om nom nom.
Food is nom.

Only 2 of the 4 are actually cast on right now, and in fact I'm not even sure about the home secret Santa pattern. There is absolutely no way that Rob will be getting his present on time, and Emma may well also be receiving an IOU. There's also my Rev mortal, who I found an AWESOME pattern for, but again. Absolutely no way that she'll be getting the finished works before the end of term.

Why oh why do I do this to myself?

Not a rhetorical question here. Please help.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stress city

I finished Eeyore!

I can't think of anything else knitting related to say.

Basically I am a giant ball of stress with ( I hope ) a small centre of a sane Kate. I am not very convinced any more however. The further through life I get the less sane I seem to be. Oh well. 7 months left of Uni, and only 3 months left of Focus presidency. I can totally make it through.

Oh I know.

Technically this is a pattern I created myself, and would therefore put on the my own patterns page I'm gently trying to accumulate stuff to, but there is an issue. Basically I don't know what the pattern was. It started by being a messed up garter stitch elephant, but then the head I made for it was a bit rubbish, and so I chopped it off. This made Steve really quite irritated. Apparently decapitating Eeyore was even worse than ignoring Eeyore while trying to do some maths. He may have a point. So then I knitted a new head, which was sufficiently good to be acceptable, and then ears and a tail and hair and a bow for the tail. And I have no clue as to how I would do any of this again.
But Eeyore is complete, and it works!

Now back to the rest of life.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

No way could I make life easy for myself

It could be said that the worst part of getting a maths degree is having to do the maths involved. In fact it is said. By me. A lot. But.. I could do more to actually make my life possible. Say, only doing one or two things at a time, rather than trying to juggle about 17.

An example would be today. I went in for a 9o'clock, which was fine. I didn't understand the stupid thing, cause I've had to miss the last two lectures for various reasons, but on the other hand at least I didn't fall asleep. Then I had to skip my 10o'clock to go to some stupid piddly little meeting with the SU about the Focus weekend away (shock horror disaster nothing was wrong with the form (actually there was but I wasn't exactly gonna point that out was I) and we can go) which lasted all of 3 -count em- 3 minutes. I then went to the chapo, and discovered the kitchen was sufficiently disgusting that I spontaneously decided to clean it. ALL of it. All the washing up, all the surfaces, the lot. I am an idiot. That took over an hour. Then last lecture (which btw was a win, cause I didn't fall asleep in that either!) and home.
Then the ever present choices: clean kitchen, clean room, do useful work that's due in soon, do useful work that is never due in, or knit.
Hmmmm. Clean kitchen. Did I mention I'm an idiot?
Next.. Hmm. Work that's never due in. .... .... 5 minutes later. Yep: bored. NEXT!
Hmm... Knitting.
At this point we see the entry of more stupidity. Instead of continuing one of the many projects I have on the go, or starting one of the ones that I really want to do soon, I started a totally new project! Yay! Emma put the idea of knitting Eeyore into my head, and ravelry had failed me. This is kind of where the issue came in. If I had found a pattern then the whole thing would quite happily have been put on the back burner and added to the queue. But they didn't, or at least not for free. And I'm sort of against paying money for a pattern I can work out myself given time. Time. Yeah. One commodity students are supposed to be rich in, and I'm totally skint. Meh. ANYway, it led to me knitting Eeyore instead of doing the silly assignment that is in fact due in in about 13 hours time now.
Again. I am an idiot.
And.. I'm OK with that.

(I ended up snubbing Eeyore by hiding him under the table in order to persuade myself to do the maths. It's OK though. He doesn't know I'm snubbing him. Although, that is largely because I haven't knitted his head yet.)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ebay Crazy

I found wool shops on ebay the other day. I've just bought over a kilogram of wool online. I love ebay. Its awesome.