Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stress city

I finished Eeyore!

I can't think of anything else knitting related to say.

Basically I am a giant ball of stress with ( I hope ) a small centre of a sane Kate. I am not very convinced any more however. The further through life I get the less sane I seem to be. Oh well. 7 months left of Uni, and only 3 months left of Focus presidency. I can totally make it through.

Oh I know.

Technically this is a pattern I created myself, and would therefore put on the my own patterns page I'm gently trying to accumulate stuff to, but there is an issue. Basically I don't know what the pattern was. It started by being a messed up garter stitch elephant, but then the head I made for it was a bit rubbish, and so I chopped it off. This made Steve really quite irritated. Apparently decapitating Eeyore was even worse than ignoring Eeyore while trying to do some maths. He may have a point. So then I knitted a new head, which was sufficiently good to be acceptable, and then ears and a tail and hair and a bow for the tail. And I have no clue as to how I would do any of this again.
But Eeyore is complete, and it works!

Now back to the rest of life.

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