Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow if you please

Tum tee Tum.
Another pattern uploaded. Another thing I really really shouldn't have done at this point in time. Oops.
But it's cool, and I am getting way better at making these charts. (Ok, so I haven't actually tried it out yet, but still. it looks just the same as the ones I'm using for another project, so I'm pretty darn confident of its effectiveness)
Plus, Sparrow is cool.

Coming soon will be Jack Sparrow's mutinous first mate Barbossa, in both living and undead forms. After I finish Emma's birthday present. After.
When pigs fly.

-Jack Sparrow isn't it.
-Captain Jack Sparrow if you please sir.
-I don't see your ship, Captain.
-I'm in the market, as it were.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Warthogs are cute. Also tasty.

So. That whole thing where I promised not to start any more knitting patterns? I have decided that that does not specifically forbid the making of new charts. Even though it probably should.
Oh well.
It's not like its a big pattern. I mean. One Warthog. Not a major project.
I love these guys. They're awesome. When we were staying in Zimbabwe our hotel used them as lawnmowers. And then to show the appreciation they felt towards their fuzzy employees, they the served them up for dinner in the hotel restaurant. Pumba steaks are awesome.
Sorry Mr Warthog!
Anyways. The chart is over on scribd, link on colour work page. I will probably get it onto ravelry at some stage, but for the moment it's here.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Knitted Promises ...... well that was foolish wasn't it.

So you know that thing I was doing from the start of the year? That pay-it-forwards creative thing? Forgot about it?
Me too.

I have done one of them. I made Stefs things... which I honestly WILL send off one of these days (note to self - ask Stef for her newest address) but I have not managed the other ones. For Jenni and Emma. Neither of whose birthdays I have caught up with.
Jenni's was only February! Give me a break.
Emma's was December.

On which note though - I DID manage to finally catch up to Emma T's birthday, and presented her with Tardis socks. Happily, although these were two months late (eek.... thats actually really good going for me at the moment..........) they do have the ultimate advantage over other birthday socks. Not looks - cause honestly they are some of the ugliest things I have knitted (even including the hat) apart from the Tardis motif - but their ability to time travel.

Emma has now happily utilised this function. Following the instructions enclosed in the present, she travelled backwards through time to the night *before* her birthday, rewrapped the socks, and returned to the current time. Thus creating a paradox where she now has received the socks perfectly on time, which for the current purposes one of the Tardis socks was containing, while the other is still available for time travelling purposes. This makes perfect sense.
 (see multiple episodes of Dr Who to find the, for lack of a better word, logic, behind this)

Back to the point and purpose of this post though.
I hereby solemnly swear that I will finish Emma's birthday present before knitting anything else.
Cross my heart.

Not hoping to die though. Just so's you know.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Knitting for Birthdays..... Or thereabouts

I'm doing pretty well on the birthday knit ideas recently. I have knit some socks (sock. will finish the other one one of these days) for Emma T, some for Matt (well, I bought the wool anyway), a shawl (sort of) and an elephant (this afternoon honest) for Rae, and a Harry Potter related item (well..... actually I ended up frogging the thing but I will restart any day now) for Emma G. Oh and my brother carefully defined what he wants for his birthday too.

The problem - as may have already made itself obvious is my timing, and general inability to ever actually finish the damn things. So far, the only one that isn't late yet (You're not late till you're late) is Matt's socks. Rae's is only 3 days late so far, but EmmaT's Bday was in mid May, and well the less said about EmmaG's actual birthday the better since it was way back in December. Oops.

Maybe I should get the hell off blogger and start knitting.

Yup. Probably best.