Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow if you please

Tum tee Tum.
Another pattern uploaded. Another thing I really really shouldn't have done at this point in time. Oops.
But it's cool, and I am getting way better at making these charts. (Ok, so I haven't actually tried it out yet, but still. it looks just the same as the ones I'm using for another project, so I'm pretty darn confident of its effectiveness)
Plus, Sparrow is cool.

Coming soon will be Jack Sparrow's mutinous first mate Barbossa, in both living and undead forms. After I finish Emma's birthday present. After.
When pigs fly.

-Jack Sparrow isn't it.
-Captain Jack Sparrow if you please sir.
-I don't see your ship, Captain.
-I'm in the market, as it were.

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