Friday, 8 July 2011

Knitting for Birthdays..... Or thereabouts

I'm doing pretty well on the birthday knit ideas recently. I have knit some socks (sock. will finish the other one one of these days) for Emma T, some for Matt (well, I bought the wool anyway), a shawl (sort of) and an elephant (this afternoon honest) for Rae, and a Harry Potter related item (well..... actually I ended up frogging the thing but I will restart any day now) for Emma G. Oh and my brother carefully defined what he wants for his birthday too.

The problem - as may have already made itself obvious is my timing, and general inability to ever actually finish the damn things. So far, the only one that isn't late yet (You're not late till you're late) is Matt's socks. Rae's is only 3 days late so far, but EmmaT's Bday was in mid May, and well the less said about EmmaG's actual birthday the better since it was way back in December. Oops.

Maybe I should get the hell off blogger and start knitting.

Yup. Probably best.

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