Saturday, 11 June 2011

Just the thing to add to my To-Do list

A new style of knitting came up in my emails the other day - entrelac. To clarify - not a new New style of knitting, just one I hadn't seen before. The other would be way cooler, and totally justify me ditching other responsibilities to pursue it.
But - still new to me, and the email showed a whole host of interesting patterns and projects to do with it. So, I looked carefully at my To-Do list, considered the logic of the situation carefully, all the demands on my time at present. And came to the logical, sensible, considered, responsible, loyal to my degree decision that I could not possibly start learning a new style of knitting which I would want to play with quite a lot.

And then thought: To the vilest pits of hell with logical conclusions.

Hence sitting here, knitting an entrelac scarf in front of the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying, completely ignoring my final exam revision, the projects I was supposed to finish right at the beginning of May (sorry TinniE - I will get there eventually promise!), and the interview preparation for Monday.


All is well, Life is good, and there's narry a Steve in sight.

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