Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rincewind up

Cause obviously this is far more important than the exam I have looming.

I finished of Rincewind illusion earlier, and decided that he would do well as a scarf end. But one end of the scarf having something awesome on it and nothing else would be a bit lonely really. So I tried for a little while to make a chart for WIZZARD; Rincewind's most famous title in case you don't know. I failed. I mean, it could look like the words if you squinted and stuff, but compared to the guy that made the POLICE BOX chart it was just a bit awful. So I abandoned that. But still Rincewind would be lonely!
Then inspiration! (potentially way too strong a word, but let me have it) Who could accompany Rincewind but his faithful retainer, the Luggage! Ok, so again retainers just not the right word, but I can't be bothered with subtleties of the English language right at this moment.

So yeah - my Rincewind illusion now has an additional Luggage illusion, which can helpfully finish the second end of the scarf. TADA! I have finally designed something that could theoretically be classed as clothing!

As per -  its on the Illusion knit page

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