Wednesday, 17 August 2011

comissioned illusion

Stranger things have happened than someone offering work. But this, for me, is a first. Someone on ravelry contacted me recently to ask me to do a particular illusion pattern for them (Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen). Lol. Random.
I'm working on it though. It's actually really not that hard a process for me, turning an image into an illusion pattern, but it does take a little while. On which note, I'll go do something about it, and continue the blog post later.

And I'm back (like a week later). I've made up three versions of the illusion. There's a medium and super huge version of Edward Cullen, and a medium Robert Pattinson. At some stage, when the guy is relatively happy with the patterns, I will put them onto ravelry, but for the moment at least they are uniquely his. Well. I guess they should be mine, but I really can't be bothered to knit that big of an illusion of a person and/or character I have no interest in, as I have a queue of things I do want to knit. So I won't. But I do think the patterns will work. In fact the super huge one should be pretty good, if a pain in the donkey to knit.

It's been fun though. I really enjoy making the patterns, and still find it funny that I was asked. Funny in a good way. In a whoa!-I-have-a-skill-that's-in-demand-when-on-earth-did-that-happen way. You know?
Me either.
Me and words - we fail.


  1. That's great news. :) If incoherently expressed. Congratulations. Is the guy paying you?