Friday, 21 January 2011

I didn't know it was a real hat!

So. Steve asked me to knit this hat. Its a really ugly hat. It has ugly ear flaps in bright red, an ugly shape in bright orange, and a really ugly crown in bright yellow. Its ugly. Really really ugly.

So I was knitting it anyways, making it considerably less ugly by changing to a pattern that had real shape, and better ear flaps, and stuff... And then Suzz explained that if we watched firefly it would all make sense. Darnit. It is a real hat. I didn't know it was a real hat. I didn't! It not my fault!
However cause I am an idiot and am really really pedantic about all this knitting melarky, I have just spent a long time unraveling the red portion of the hat that I was knitting in order to do it right. More ugly. But right.

Firefly costume people should get more taste. Or I need to recognize when something is actually a geek thing, .... or something.

and here is the finished article. bleh.