Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Mattinator

So Matt Brennan is one of my close friends at uni. He's a second year mathmo, and is the publicity officer of Focus, president of Photo Soc, and all round computer wizz. For example, last year at the end of term my computer totally died - due to lack of memory as it turns out - and within 6 hours Matt and Ste had totally revived it. Incredible - cause I couldn't actually turn the damn thing on.
Anyway. Tonight in the pub Jenni mentioned something about a program that would really help with knitting complicated repeating patterns - say 8 rows or something - that you use a row counter for. Her idea was that if you had a computer it ought to be possible to have something that highlights the relevant row of the pattern - specially as me and Jenni both get most if not all patterns off Ravelry.
So, Matt, the awesome, the Mattinator, got out his laptop in the middle of the pub, and started spewing code in such a way that he has created such a program. Its awesome. Try it sometime.
This is totally and completely Matt's hard work, but it is going to be so useful I can't quite resist sharing it. Thanks Matt!

Its really awesome having pet computer geniuses.
ps. Not a derogatory term, but a term of AWEsomeness.

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