Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bloody Stupid Johnson's Bloody Stupid Hat

Actually thats a really mean title. I thought it was a fun hat really. And really quick - only took about 2 days.

Not a long or particularly interesting story this... but its revision term so therefore it is upgraded to more-interesting-than-maths. Not a big upgrade in status I have to admit.
Liz saw me knitting in the chaplaincy and mentioned a hat she wanted someone to knit. It was the bloody stupid Johnson hat. (shock horror - you'd never have guessed that right!) I said I'd give it a go.

Ta Da!
A hat was created.

hum. the tada would work better if I had remembered to take a photo Before giving it to Liz.
Ah well. I'll ask her to send me one, and put it up when she does. Or I'll take a camera tonight and hope she wears it. Or something. Falalalala they're only bees.

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