Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tory, her Gecko obsession, and the hat what I made.

It's a hat. With a gecko on it.
I made her a gecko from scratch a year ago, and she was very pleased. So, I wanted to find something else gecko related. And did. Obviously. I should get a better writing style really shouldn't I? Anywho, I found a chart someone had made for a crocheted gecko shawl. That seemed way too much like effort, but the geckos were pretty. So I also found a simple beanie-hat pattern, and inserted the prettiest gecko. Done.

                                                      Small issue. It may be too small.
Tory does have a hilariously small head though. Every Christmas the paper hats turn into necklaces instantly.

See here, in this here photo, here, Tory's hat is paper clipped to be smaller, and the teddy bears hat? That was one Ste made for Tory the year before.

Maybe. Maybe it will fit her.
It sure doesn't fit me.

It doesn't. I have achieved a hat that is too small for Tory. Congratulations. To me.
Picture to follow. I was so caught up in the fail that was hat sizing that I gave up and went away.

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