Sunday, 25 December 2011

Crazy Christmas countdown 2011

Not so crazy this year. Largely because I didn't try to knit many people anything anyways, and I fully discounted toothless for Sam on the basis that it is a well belated birthday present already and can remain so...... For ages.
How many years are in an age? Lots hopefully.

Sorry Sam. I have some time in January to do it. Or something.

Anyway, all I made was a snu for mum, and a jumper for Timo. And theoretically a scarf but thats not done yet.


Still managed to be up tilll half one last two nights trying to finish.
New years resolution fail.

Whatever. At least its a pretty jumper. I failed to factor in his reeeeeeeediculously broad shoulders but still. It works (more or less) and I dont care (more).

Also failed on pay it forwards creative things. Whoops.
Ruddy school. Takes way too much time. Wanna knit more.

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