Monday, 11 October 2010


So. I've been happily knitting this hat for myself for the last two weeks. I cycle to uni, and its irritatingly cold even this early in the term, so I decided I would knit myself an awesome hat. Minor problem: I never check the gauge. A little bit of a mistake there.

Little being the operative word. The stupid hat is just about big enough for a small kid. When I was casting on the stitches for it I thought 'that looks too small, hmmm. Lets make it bigger' and so did so. And its still too small.
I did actually notice this problem about half way through knitting it, but by that point I just decided to continue.

Stupidly small hat. Whoops.

On the other hand, my house mates have been happily giving me suggestions of other things to turn it into. So far, suggestions have been: a bag, a Christmas tree hat, a snowman, a dalek, and a polar bear. We have the randoms in our house.

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