Thursday, 21 October 2010

Random Musings inappropriate to Lectures.

I really wish it was considered slightly less weird to knit. Today I had a string of 3 lectures which were totally pointless and REALLY wanted to just get out my knitting. Its not even like its very exciting knitting (such as Daleks and ducks and pterodactyls), just my Dad's jumper, which I got bored of months ago.

First of the 3: Math Bio. Sounds like it ought to be interesting really - you get to work out how come animals have specific coat patterns and eat each other and things. In reality the silly man at the front talks in a monotone and writes unrelated equations on the board. Knitting makes much more sense. Next up: History of Maths, or in other words Time For A Nap. And finally Number Theory. Where this silly man at the front is confused as to why we are all fundamentally comatose, and continually asks us if we are bored.  I've usually just about forgotten the fact I'm bored each time he brings it up. Ass.

To be fair it's not hard for fairly boring things to be the highlight of entertainment when you put them into the same frame of reference as maths lectures. Technically I ought to like maths since I'm now in my third year of studying the ruddy subject, but actually I just don't care. It is a means to an end. The end being the important part. Not in the sense that I will then have a degree and a career (I want to be a maths teacher and yes I realise that makes little to no sense given that I really truly hate the study of maths), but that it will be the END of my maths degree! Another minor technicality is that to pass the degree I should be paying at least a modicum of attention, not fantasising about cake (mmm... cake) or being really frustrated that I actually had knittable knitting with me and still couldn't knit it.

One of these days I will just ignore the weird looks I am sure to get from my peers and knit. If nothing else (and I'm pretty darn sure there are many better reasons than this) to see the reaction on my lecturers face.

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