Thursday, 21 October 2010

Purple is a Happy Colour

I finally decided that it was irritating to keep guessing people's favourite colours, so I sent out a facebook message to all those who are really likely to be involved in a Secret Santa that I am also involved in this year.
The results were surprisingly consistently purple.

Kate Drage 19 October at 23:57
Hi everyone.
Whats your favourite colour/s? This would just make my life sooo much easier for a surprisingly large amount of the time. Please tell me!
Suzz Wood 20 October at 00:09 ReplyReport
green/purple perhaps
Emma Tinnion 20 October at 07:23 ReplyReport
Purple or Green :)
Victoria Jarvis 20 October at 09:38 ReplyReport
Blue! Or dark purple.
Anne Parkinson 20 October at 09:44 ReplyReport
turquoise, purple
Rob Horswell 20 October at 10:11 ReplyReport
Blue/Red/Purple, I think...
Sam Fiveash 20 October at 10:15 ReplyReport
Steven Weston 20 October at 10:25 ReplyReport
Grey, black
Sophie Brightwell 20 October at 10:38 ReplyReport
Like everybody else I'm going to say purple. Or red, maybe.
Matt Brennan 20 October at 10:38 ReplyReport
Sorta bluish-teal. Like this
Stephen Adams 20 October at 11:36 ReplyReport
Mel Moore 20 October at 11:45 ReplyReport
i;m going to stick with the trend and say purple haha
Emma Giddens 20 October at 13:33 ReplyReport
Blue, purple or yellow :)
red :)
All I can say is that Matt Brennan is the only person I have ever met who would respond to a simple enquiry as to a favourite colour with a weblink. I mean - yeah its nice to have the exact shade, but really I was looking for blue or teal.

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