Sunday, 6 May 2012


So chocobos. They are awesome.
I've been playing through VIII again recently, and while chocobos don't figure anywhere near as highly there as they do in the other games in the series, they are still totally cool.

So clearly, I must knit one.

Darn internet. We just worked out how to get it in the kitchen (10 months later) but that meant I just lost it for an important minute. I already finished this post. Oh well.


Infact I clearly must knit all the chocobos. The ones that run on land alone, the ones that run in shallow water, the ones that can climb mountains, the ones that run in oceans deap, the ones that have mastered the skys themselves.
Ie - all the ones in IX. They were the best chocobos. They found hidden treasure and everything.

There is a small problem - there is no pattern. There's some crochet ones, but I am truly awful at crochet. Truly. Awful. I spent the afternoon trying. And failing. Really, really failing. As a result I am now making up a knitting pattern as I go along, and have just noticed (halfway through the body) that I should really have been writing it down...... It would have made the repeat chocobos much easier.

Oh for an easy life.

Or a sense of what 'organisation' means. 

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