Monday, 28 May 2012

Kweh. Kupo can't find any treasure here.... Try somewhere else.


Its 20 days since I set out on my mission to make a knitting pattern for a chocobo. Guess what! (the title of this post is a hint by the way)
Still got nothing.

To be fair, between school work, house-hunting (STRESS), interviews (STRESSSSSSSS STRESS), and making my costume for the chaplaincy ball (Rinoa's cape  . well - obvs I'm going as Rinoa, but the bit I'm making is her cape) - oh and the unhelpful to knitting heat - I haven't exactly had much time.

I will however restart.



Right after I clean my car. Not even wash it clean it, clean out the junk food wrappers in it clean it.

Organisation. Really what is the point?

I don't know the point of this post either though. All its saying is that I haven't done anything. Which you could have worked out rather easily from a lack of information as well. Oh well. Whatever.

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