Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Update on the chocobo.... Well. The knitted one. This is what it looks like so far. 
You may notice it looks like a yellow potato with some white tube on it. Looks pretty awful right? Right. Definitely.

So I went back to trying to remember how to crochet before I try another knitted one.
On the plus side I remembered how to crochet. I am still pretty slow, but at least it looks more or less like it should do.

See, looks more or less like a chocobo.

I don't really know what happened this bank holiday weekend. I just seem to have been knitting/crocheting. Like more so than in the last  n  months where n is a reasonably small rational number. 

btw - for the uninitiated, Kweh?! Is the sound a chocobo makes when treasure is near ish. Not near exactly, but somewhere. As opposed to nowhere. You got the idea a while ago. Whatever. Play FFIX. Its awesome.

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