Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chubby the Dragon

It has been a stupid year in the way of weather. Everyone in England knows this, but I just thought I would mention it.
After having snowfalls all the way to the Easter holidays, and frosts continuing beyond that we have had a heatwave that lasted over a month and now we seem to have just about finished with a fortnight of thunderstorms.
Its like the weather spins a wheel, picks a form of weather conditions to play with, and then goes hell for leather on it for insert-time-period-here.

In any case, it has meant that the beginning of my summer holidays were wool free, because it was hot enough to make my fingers sweat without adding wool to the equation. Now though, I have got back on the horse. Or dragon, as it were.

This guy is just so cute.

I've been calling him Chubby, more or less because I've been listening to Terry Pratchett's Men at Arms while crocheting him. As he is a present for Suzz's birthday, she will probably rename him, which is possibly good as Chubby's fate in the book was to be exploded by means of a mirror.

Which was quite mean really.

He's about 30 cm tall. I used a whole variety of purple double knit wools that I have various quantities of in my stash. I am seriously pleased with him, but I really wish he could hold his own head up. I spent some time and effort trying to arrange things so that this was so, but he refused.

The pattern for him is for sale on ravelry. I seem to have gotten over my objection to spending money on patterns. Maybe I've grown.

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