Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wedding cushion

The Wedding happened.
The last several times I saw the various other uni friends who have been hitting the same stumbling block with this concept (to whit "AAAAAAHHHHH ITS TOO SCARY IT CAN'T BE HAPPENING AAAAAAHHHH") before the day we have been referring to said event as "the big Focus get-together with slight legal proceedings".

But. Its official.

We are Grown Ups.

Elsewise how could my best friends be married? And they are definitely married. I know. I was there. I signed the register and everything. Okay, so it may look somewhat like a four year old stepped in and signed it for me, but honestly it was me. Really.

The point of this post was not in fact to bemoan the state of adulthood and the world in general or the specific piece of it known as Sophie and Matts marriage certificate. Although it does seem to be what has been achieved so far.
In any case, what actually makes this all relevant to this blog in particular - since I really don't want it to devolve into a diary blog - is the wedding present I made them.

It *may* have been completed on the train.

I also should vaguely apologise for the quality of the photos. As I finished the thing on the train, I also took the photos on the train. This has the effect of them having rather randomised lighting as my phone either over flashed, underflashed, or shook.                                     

It's awesome though. I really am pleased with it, and seriously hope they will be too.

All the pieces are slightly random. Most of them are entirely freeformed, though there are some that I found charts for. As previously chronicled on this here blog o' mine the Happy Lion I actually had to create a chart for, and its available on Scribd free of charge. (I hope).
The pieces were sewn (or in some cases glue gunned) onto a fairly icky coloured cushion cover I got in Hobbycraft, which more or less fit a boring cushion inner.

In all fairness to my organisational abilities, the completion on the train only consisted of a small amount of touch up sewing, and taking the photos. Also in my defence, we did move house the weekend before W-Day.

btw  - I realise that the wedding passed, but the happy couple aren't doing pressies yet. So, again delayed publishing.
EDIT: um.... now the delay is just cause I'm not that organised. Whatever. Catch up works.

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