Wednesday, 26 October 2011

We still have all our fingers!

Really helpful informative title yes? No? Where's your sense of initiative? You really need it to read this blog and make sense of it. Especially this post but generally too.
Anyway. We still have our fingers. All of them. Which is, by the way, very useful when typing. And driving. And.....   Well in life as a whole.

um. point. point. definitely had one.


We have got one Scar! He is on a pumpkin.
The observant among you may realise that a pumpkin is not a knitting or crochet project. You would be correct in this observation. However, I haven't done any knitting recently so I figured what the hell, and decided Scar in his awesomeness could be added to an increasingly crafty (as opposed to knitty) blog.
He's cool.
Knives got repeatedly and perilously close to fingers and thumbs.

Special mention goes to Anne Parkinson.
Cause she wanted it.
Also cause it was her idea, and she did a lot of the work.

Now we have to repeat the feat on Friday :D
Fun fun fun!

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