Sunday, 2 October 2011

Happy Lion Tea Cosy

It's a Happy Lion! That sits on TEA!

Unfortunately it's also Sophie's birthday present. And ... well.... Happy Lion is Sophie's thing. So I should give it to her. Especially as it actually fits her teapot so well.

I'm really proud of that actually. The pattern I used was originally for a Loopy Lamb tea cosy for a 4-6 cup pot, but has become a Happy Lion tea cosy for a 2 cup pot. I took the advice of some particularly lovely ladies in the wool shop and decided to go with the pattern exactly, but reduce the size of needles and the weight of wool. I was somewhat shocked (but megaly delighted) it fitted, cause I knitted the thing at home-home, and then brought it back to Cov-home where the teapot was. To be perfectly honest, I was so happy about it that I waved it under Rob's nose for a while showing off about my own brilliance in knitting, which, since he's a nice guy, he a) took with good grace and b) complimented me on.

And, and and and AND! It's a birthday present finished ON TIME!!!! Got that? On TIME!!! ON time!!!

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