Sunday, 16 October 2011

Michael Jackson seems to be popular. Who knew?

So the person who asked me to do the first Michael Jackson illusion got back to me like a week ago and asked me to do another one. I .... um.... ignored all that sensible lesson planning stuff I really should have been doing and made one today.
Its actually quite cool.
I like.
I know I would think that cause its my pattern, but basically its CoR's design, I just put it into a pattern format for her. And even that may be stretching the point. Its a photo that I've illusionated. Which is not a word but will be soon. Or should be.

My housemate is playing Tekken3. It keeps making inane comments. Like hai ya. And K.O. And Round Two. Fight.
It may possibly be driving me insane.
I'm not sure.
I'll keep you updated.

Cause I'm sure you are just dying to know.

Where was I?

Oh yeah.
So now I have 2 illusion patterns for Michael. And there is a third on the way. Its not that exciting I know, but it does keep me from dying of boredom planning how to teach year 7s pie charts. Which I gave up on cause I think they probably already know.

Tra La.

The pattern, you will be surprised to learn, is over on scribd, link on my illusion knit page. And the first MJ pattern is also available on ravelry downloads. Hilariously (to me if no one else) this got downloaded 11 times today. This is a new high. Previously my most downloaded pattern was Discworld Death of Rats. At 2 in a day.
Just me?
Oh well. I can amuse myself at least.

He stopped playing Tekken. The voice has gone.
But I'm out of stuff for this post anyway.
And looking at it again, most of it was inane babble. It's a good thing I don't have to pay for this blog in any way really.

Or something.
Back to lesson plans. Bye!

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