Friday, 10 December 2010

Penguins of happyness

I joined in Rev's angels and mortals thing this term - think secret santa all term long. Twas awesome. I got given Ben and Jerrys, a hug, alcohol, a really confusing note, and a ball of awesome wool. Thanks Ellen!
Even more fun was giving Emma (Hastings) pressies, cause she was my mortal. She got truly random things. A pineapple. Glitter glue pens.
I wanted to knit her something from the start as well, but knew she would instantly cotton on to who her angel was if I did that, so I left knitting a present till the last week of term. I was going to knit her a turtle, and give her some chocolate coins, but when I went to wilkos I found awesome chocolate penguins. So clearly the knitted project HAD to be a penguin. right? So Ravelry to the rescue again. There was a fairly cool project for feathers McGraw, from Wallace and Gromit, and so clearly that was going to be the best random happy christmas knit I could find.
Was really easy too. A good thing, since I got home at 2 on Tuesday, and left at 5 for Rev. WEll, pre Rev, but the same difference, cause I went via the chaplaincy to drop off said penguins. About half 6 Emma got to the chaplaincy. I know because I got a text from her saying something along the lines of 'Do I by any chance owe you thanks? :)'
Knew she'd get it in one. :D

oh. btw, this was not the pattern I was intending to knit Emma as a mortal present. That will have to wait for another day cause I ran out of time.

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