Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Jumper for MEeee!

OK. Knitting for other people officially abandoned for a little while. Time for knitting for Me.
I really don't do that very often.

Grannie gave me a few balls of gorgeous really really chunky wool for Christmas, so I decided to find a pattern right away for a jumper for me to make from them. This would be a first! I found this really hard to do when putting into ravelry that it had to be free. So I decided to go with another first and actually paid actual money for a pattern. Its called Nati and its insanely simple but really nice.

It took very little time to knit it up and finish it off. And that included another nother first - blocking. I'd given this one go before with a scarf, and, well, got bored and shoved it in the dryer after all. This time I actually managed to do it properly (I think) and so YAY! It could to be honest do with some more stretching out, but for the moment it is actually great so I don't really care!

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