Saturday, 25 December 2010

The End of An Era, or Merry Christmas To All, and To All A Good Knit

My Dad's jumper : started April 2010 as a birthday present for him (June 1st) finished 25th December 2010, 2:17am.

We got back from Midnight Mass about 12:30am. I still had the decreasing rows of one sleeve to do, even after the fairly constant knitting over the past two weeks. This took over 90 minutes, and then the finishing of sewing up the sleeve seam, and attaching the sleeve to the body. But IT IS DONE!

This is totally awesome.
And and and and and what is more, he's been wearing it ever since I gave it to him earlier today! Yays!

BTW, I wish I had actually listened to Suzz just a little bit more this term as she continuously told me that I should in fact not start new exciting projects but should knit the silly jumper. She was (depressingly) continuously right all term. Bah Humbug!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Christ has come to save us, and we shall now rejoice!

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  1. Awesome. Now go talk to your family and get off the internet.

    :D :P