Thursday, 30 May 2013

Happy lion

My best friend's wedding is coming up. Fast. It's terrifying.

It proves we're adults.

Seriously scary stuff.

For a wedding present I'm making the pair of them a cushion, inspired by this one. I stumbled across it while Jen was trying to persuade me to abandon sanity in favour of the endless but admittedly beautiful project of scrappy blanket. I am saving ends. Some day, yes, I will succumb. But not this day.
A problem with this is that Sophie actually reads this blog, so all related posts are being written but won't be posted until postwedding. But whatever.

Anywoo. In the making of the freeform cushion I decided it needed a lion, the most drawn animal by Sophie, and the one that came as the personalisation on each of the invites.

Ravelry, however, failed me.
This usually isn't a problem, but my laptop also failed me earlier this week, in a puff of burnt plastic smelling smoke. Thus leaving me without my usual image editing software, or indeed any other software, or the stupid laptop itself. (It turns out writing blog posts on my mobile is possible, but really and truly annoying.
Happily, since I needs must wait till after the wedding anyway, I can sort out all the problems later, on my *hopefully* resurrected laptop.)

Hence the first chart I have made freehand.
Somehow, that seems appropriate in the task of making Sophie and Matt's wedding present.

So happy lion chart greets you, and wishes much luck for the future.
Or failing that, that soon you will feed him.

Steak for preference.

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