Monday, 20 September 2010

the start of my Crazed Knitting

I started knitting a year ago, largely because I came back to uni two weeks early and had NOTHING to do. I don't like being useless. So I started knitting. Knitting because some of my friends here also knit, and its something you can do when watching TV or listening to music, both of which I enjoy, but get itchy fingers. So knitting.

My first knitting project was the traditional scarf, and as tradition dictates it got way wider at the end than it was in the beginning. Enter the first piece of randomness. I have a cuddly toy weasel (doesn't every uni student?) and, well it was in need of a cape. So I turned my first ever piece of knitting into a cape for a weasel. Obvious when you think about it really.

Unfortunately knitting then sauntered back into the mundane realms, with me knitting an actual scarf, another scarf that just barely qualifies as a scarf rather than a length of material (I was running out of wool) and a pair of gloves that match in precisely no way other than colour. Oh well. It was my first try. And they are still usable as gloves so it all works out in the end. Next I tried (and succeeded) a lacy scarf, and a rainbow scarf, both of which I actually use where people can see them. They're THAT not-awful. Oh yeah.

The only problem with this is that now whenever I have any time to spare I knit. Not a problem I know, but when you are 20 years old moaning on the train cause there's not enough space to knit, something has probably gone wrong in your life. Or everyone else's. And when I went on safari this summer I was also irritated about not being able to bring knitting. I didn't want the knitting for the actual safari - my life hasn't sunk that far quite yet - but I did want it for the 11 hour flights. However the powers that be believe that if I were allowed to take knitting needles on board a plane then I would instantly turn into a homicidal maniac and skewer the pilot. Not that the thought has never occurred, I'd just be more likely to skewer my family. And I can do that before airport security.

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